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The Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation was created to provide patient/family support, serve as an information resource for patients and practitioners, promote public awareness, and aid in the prevention, cure and treatment of RRP by encouraging and participating in promising RRP research studies. learn more...

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Important RRP News:

!!! VHI Fundraiser for Voice Disorders !!!

!!! Remebering Phil Sensenbach !!!

!!! Henry Woo Receives 2012 Amgen Excellence in Volunteering Award !!!

!!! RRP Serology Study for RRP - Update September 2011 !!!

!!! Fall 2011 RRP Reference Service !!!

!!! Spring 2011 RRP Newsletter [download as pdf] [html]!!!

!!! RRP Foundation announces first Papilloma Research Initiative Grant award !!!

!!! ABC News 28May2009: Treating RRP with KTP laser and Avastin!!!

!!! CNN - Boy wih RRP Gets His Voice Back !!!

!!! RRPF and RRP ISA efforts to promote  Artemisinin research !!!
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*********  Clinical Trials Actively Recruiting RRP Patients *********

!!! NIH Research Study on Severe Viral Infections in Non-immunocompromised Patients !!!
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!!! New 2011 Research Study Using Avastin to treat RRP at Mass Gen. Hosp. !!!
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!!! Research Study Using Celebrex to treat RRP - Update 2009!!!
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!!! RRP Genetics Research Study !!!
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!!! Spring 2009 RRP Newsletter [download as pdf] [html]!!!

!!! RRP Focus Session2007 !!!
The meeting was held on Saturday, Sept. 15 in
Washington D.C.  in conjunction with the American Acadmey of Otolaryngology annual meeting.
It was attended by RRP doctors, researchers and RRP families. There were a number of interesting expert presentations that stimulated much discussion.

Meeting Agenda and links to presentations

!!! Omni-Guide develops fiber guided CO2 laser for RRP !!!
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!!! Merck HPV Vaccine approved by FDA - 06-08-2006 !!!

!!! RRP Focus Session 2005 Highlights - update 12-12-2005 !!!
Summary, slides and MP3 audio from the 2005 RRP Focus Session. Click here for details

HPV/RRP Forum on Education and Advocacy was held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada - 5-5-2005; HPV preventative vaccines may be key to eliminating RRP for future generations

What is RRP?
Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP) is a disease in which tumors grow inside the larynx, vocal cords and trachea. It affects both children and adults...
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RRP Therapies
The following reports of statistics and clinical research involving RRP therapies, represents a best effort to make an accurate and objective presentation of information...
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Remission News
These very brief patient profiles are intended to let you know that some of those with RRP are doing quite well...
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You can now find an RRP practitioner near you. A complete listing of practitioners around the world is available.
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Newsletter Issues
The RRP newsletter has been published semi-annually and continues to be published occasonally. All of these newletters can now be viewed online.
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Publications, Resources and Links
A variety of publications and resources are online for users to browse.
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This page is designed specifically for kids. Everything related to RRP and kids is listed below for quick and easy access.
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A gallery of pictures is available for viewing. In it you can see some of the RRPF family.
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